Academic Degrees:

  • Aggregation degree: Engineering Physics – Nanoengineering (Ramo de Engª Física na especialidade de Nano-engenharia), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2008 
  • PhD: Atomic and Molecular Physics (Física Atómica e Molecular a), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1991 
  • MSc: Atomic and Molecular Physics - Molecular Physics (PAPC em Física, ramo Física Atómica e Molecular) , Universidade de Nova Lisboa,1985 
  • Degree: Chemical Engineering (Licenciatura em Engenharia Química, ramo Química-Física de Processos), Instituto Superior Técnico, 1982.

Previous and Current Academic Status:

  • Associate Professor with Aggregation (Professor Associado c/ Agregação), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2008 – present
  • Associate Professor (Professor Associado), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2000-2008.
  • Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar ), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1991-2000.
  • Teaching Assistant (Assistente), Universidade Nova de Lisboa,1985-1991.
  • Student Teaching Assistant (Assistente Estagiário), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1982-85.
  • Monitor (Monitor), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1982.

Supervision of Several Graduation and Post-Graduation (Msc and PhD) Plans andThesis in Physics Engineering (since 1992).

Classes in the aim of Graduation and Post-Graduation Programs in Physics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering:

-        Nanophysics

-        Nanotechnology

-        Nano-engineering

-        Atomic and Molecular Physics

      Statistical Physics 

 T   Thermodynamics



-        Mechanics

-        Electromagnetism

      Hydrogen Technology

          General Physics

-        Project in Physics Engineering

-         Experimental Methods in Physics

Produção e Utilização de Hidrogénio


Leader of Nanophysics/Nanotechnology for Energy Research Laboratory (N2E)

in NOVA School of Science and Technology (Campus de Caparica)

Publications (vide in "Publications" and "Others" Tabs, and Orcid link in "Links")

Guest Editor of Special Issues in the Journal Energies (MDPI):

Nanophysics Applications for Energy Efficiency

International Scientific Commissions:

- International Molecular Beams Symposia - since 1996.

- Nanometer Scale Division (IUVSTA) - since 1996.


- Ohio State University – Columbus – EUA (2018) (bolsa FCT)

- University of Cincinatti – Cincinatti – EUA (2015) (bolsa FCT)

- Universidade Paraná – Brasil (2015) (bolsa FCT)

- ISIR - Osaka University - Osaka – Japão (2012) (bolsa FCT)

- University of Houston – Houston – EUA (2008) (bolsa FCT)

- Rice University – Houston – EUA (2004) (bolsa FCT)

- Rice University – Houston – EUA (2001) (bolsa FCT)

- Ulm University – Ulm – Alemanha (2001) (bolsa FCT)

- Max-Planck Institut – Goettingen – Alemanha (2001) (bolsa FCT)

- Instituto Pluridisciplinar-Univ. Complutense - Madrid (1998) (bolsa FCT)

- Instituto Física de S. Carlos – Univ. S. Paulo – Brasil (1998) (bolsa FAPESP)

- Hahn-Meitner Institut – Berlin- Alemanha (1986) (bolsa DAAD)

Previous and Current Integration in National Science Foundation (FCT) Research Centres and Institutes:

- Center of Technology and Systems (CTS-Uninova) (presently)

- Institute of Science and Engineering of Materrials and Surfaces (ICEMS-IST)

- Molecular Physics Center of the Portuguese Universities (INIC)