Former MSc Student

João André Silva

PhD student: Crowdsourcing Mobile Devices to Provide Storage in Edge-Clouds

Co-supervised by: João Lourenço

Ongoing since: November 2013

Publications: MECC 2016, ISPA 2016, SAC 2015, ICDCN PhD Forum 2015, INForum 2014, DMTM 2014,  INForum 2013,

Fernando Alexandre

MSc Thesis:  Multi-GPU Support on the Marrow Algorithmic Skeleton Framework 

Concluded: November 2013

Publications: Euro-par 2013, INForum 2013, SAC 2014, Heteropar 2014, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

Filipe Araújo

MSc Thesis: Structured Dynamic Reconfiguration of Web Service Workflows (in portuguese) 


Main supervisor: Maria Cecília Gomes

Concluded: January 2012

Publications: INForum 2012, ISPA 2012, IJIMAI

Adérito Baptista

MSc Thesis: Dynamic Adaptation of Interaction Models for Stateful Web Services


Main supervisor: Maria Cecília Gomes

Concluded: January 2012

Publications: INForum 2011, IESS 2012, ISPA 2012, IJIMAI

Gilberto Camacho

MSc Thesis: Service-oriented Mobility of Java Code in Web Services-based Architectures

Concluded: November 2010

Publications: ICA3PP 2012

Paulo Cancela

MSc ThesisOrchestration of Heterogeneous Middleware Services and Its Application to a Command and Control Platform

Industry collaboration with Critical Software

Concluded: April 2009

Publications: DOA (OTM) 2009, PDCAT 2010

José Rodrigo Carvalho

MSc Thesis:  Video-Shot Extraction in a CPU-GPU Cluster (in Portuguese) 

Co-supervised by: João Magalhães

Concluded: June 2016