Invertibility of functional operators with slowly oscillating non-Carleman shifts

Karlovich, Alexei Yu., Yuri I. Karlovich, and Amarino B. Lebre. "Invertibility of functional operators with slowly oscillating non-Carleman shifts." Singular Integral Operators, Factorization and Applications. Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, 142. Eds. Albrecht Böttcher, Marinus A. Kaashoek, Amarino Brites Lebre, António Ferreira dos Santos, and Frank-Olme Speck. Basel: Birkhäuser, 2003. 147-174.


We prove criteria for the invertibility of the binomial functional operator
in the Lebesgue spaces \(L^p(0,1)\), \( 1 < p < \infty\), where \(a\) and \(b\) are continuous functions on \((0,1)\), \(I\) is the identity operator, \(W_\alpha\) is the shift operator, \(W_\alpha f=f\circ\alpha\), generated by a non-Carleman shift \(\alpha:[0,1]\to[0,1]\) which has only two fixed points \(0\) and \(1\). We suppose that \(\log\alpha'\) is bounded and continuous on \((0,1)\) and that \(a,b,\alpha'\) slowly oscillate at \(0\) and \(1\). The main difficulty connected with slow oscillation is overcome by using the method of limit operators.

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