Invertibility in Banach algebras of functional operators with non-Carleman shifts

Karlovich, Alexei Yu., and Yuri I. Karlovich. "Invertibility in Banach algebras of functional operators with non-Carleman shifts." Ukrains'kyj matematychnyj kongres -- 2001. Pratsi. Sektsiya 11. Funktsional'nyj analiz. Kyiv: Instytut Matematyky NAN Ukrainy, 2002. 107-124.


We prove the inverse closedness of the Banach algebra \(\mathfrak{A}_p\) of functional operators with non-Carleman shifts, which have only two fixed points, in the Banach algebra of all bounded linear operators on \(L^p\). We suppose that \(1 \le p \le \infty\) and the generators of the algebra \(\mathfrak{A}_p\) have essentially bounded data. An invertibility criterion for functional operators in \(\mathfrak{A}_p\) is obtained in terms of
the invertibility of a family of discrete operators on \(l^p\). An effective invertibility criterion is established for binomial difference operators with \(l^\infty\) coefficients on the spaces \(l^p\). Using the reduction to binomial difference operators, we give effective criteria of invertibility for binomial functional operators on the spaces \(L^p\).

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