Research Interests

Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology

Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology Lab

Maria Manuel B. Marques is an Assistant Professor at the Chemistry Department, at the Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon.

Our research is focused on the development of novel synthetic strategies towards bioactive compounds. The current research topics are focused on:

  •  development of synthetic routes involving metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions for the synthesis of heterocyclic cores;

  • investigation of novel and sustainable methodologies for N-S, C-S, N-C and C-C bond formation;

  • synthesis of complex glycoconjugates involved in cellular recognition processes. The ultimate goal is the synthesis of glycoconjugates and the study of their interaction with crucial proteins involved in important cellular pathways;

  • rational drug design approach towards novel anti-inflammatory drugs – a small molecule (heterocyclic structures) approach;

  • development of novel chemical tools to investigate biological processes;