PhD Students

Viviana Correia

PhD Fellowship PD/BD/105727/2014 (co-supervision with Ana Luísa Carvalho)

I am a student in the Molecular Biosciences PhD program, since 2015. My research project – “Deciphering carbohydrate: protein interactions in the Human Microbiome – A combined high-throughput and structural approach”, aims at elucidating carbohydrate-binding specificities of polysaccharide utilization loci (PULS) proteins from representative strains of the human gut microbiota metabolic capabilities, which play a key role in the human nutritional balance and immune system modulation. Our strategy includes the production of a recombinant-protein library, the development of carbohydrate microarrays comprising a diverse range of glycan probes for high-throughput screening analysis of glycan ligands; and elucidation of the 3D-structure of protein:glycan ligand complexes using X-ray crystallography. 

Macromolecular Crystallography & GlycoLab - Functional Glycobiology | UCIBIO@REQUIMTE, FCT/NOVA | Phone: +351 212 948 300 (Lab 607, ext.: 10962) | Fax: +351 212 948 550 | Email: 

Diana Ribeiro

PhD Fellowship SFRH/BD/100569/2014 (Co-supervision with Ana Luísa Carvalho and Ten Feizi)

I am a PhD student through a Grant by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, since 2015. I am developing the project “Protein-carbohydrate recognition in the biodegradation of plant cell wall - Functional and structural studies using carbohydrate microarrays and X-ray crystallography”, in the Macromolecular Crystallography and Glycolab Groups, under the supervision of Dr.  Angelina Palma and co-supervision of Dr. Ana Luisa Carvalho and Prof. Ten Feizi (Imperial College London). By combining the high-throughput screening features of the microarray technology with X-ray crystallography, we aim to identify oligosaccharide ligands and to structurally characterize the oligosaccharide specificity of novel CBMs of cellulolytic bacteria R. flavefaciens FD-1 and C. thermocellum.

Lab: 605; FCT Telephone: (+351) 212948300; Extension: 10962; Fax: (+351) 21294855; Email:; @ UCIBIO:

MSc Students

Raquel Costa

I am a Biochemistry MSc student and I am working on my Master Thesis in the Macromolecular Crystallography and Glycolab Group, under the supervision of Dr. Angelina Palma and co-supervision of Dr. Ana Luisa Carvalho. In my master work entitled "Ligand discovery and structural function analysis of proteins involved in plant cell wall degradation” we aim to characterize the ligand binding specificities of Clostridium thermocellum and Ruminoccocus flavefaciens FD-1 CBMs assigned to different families in the CAZY database. I am dedicated to study molecular interactions at the atomic level for microbial carbohydrate recognition systems combining X-ray crystallography and carbohydrate microarray technology. Also to complement the information provided by carbohydrate microarray technology, we use different approaches such as isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and affinity gel electrophoresis to  characterize the carbohydrate interaction.

Luís Morganho

I am a Biomedical Engineering student, currently undertaking my Master’s Thesis at UCIBIO-NOVA’s GlycoLab under supervision of Dr. Angelina Palma. My project, “Deciphering glycan-recognition systems of the Human Microbiome”, is focused on the study of putative carbohydrate-binding proteins from strains of the Bacteroides genus, which are representative of the Human gut microbiota. The project consists on the expression of a set of selected proteins, followed by a high-thoughput screening analysis using state-of-the-art carbohydrate-microarray technology, which allows us to identify protein-ligand complexes for further structural and biophysical characterization.