Equipment & Facilities

Microarray Lab

The Glycan Microarray core provides the use of state-of-the-art microarray technology for high-throughput screening of glycan-recognition systems and for glycan-ligand discovery. The microarray Lab is a confined temperature and dust-controlled space, set-up with conditions for microarray binding and analysis.

Collaboration is in place with the Carbohydrate Microarray Facility at Imperial College London for robotic microarray printing and glycan microarray development and for access to a unique glycan resource.

Fluorescence microarray imaging is provided for the scanning, image acquisition and processing of microarray slides (for example of glycan, protein and DNA microarrays).

User support and training can be provided on microarray binding experiments (glycan and protein microarrays).

GenePix 4100A Fluorescence microarray scanner 

State-of-the-art instrument for scanning, image acquisition and processing of microarray slides.

V&P Glas Slide Arraying system

Dual slide system with a floating pin replicator ith 2 rows of 4 pins (8 in total); places 768 spots of ~500 microns in diameter, onto a grid 18 mm wide and 36 mm tall on 2 separate slides. 

UV-Vis Microplate Spectrophotometer

Ideal for life science applications and HTP studies, from protein and DNA/RNA quantification, to ELISAs or enzyme kinetics.