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Branquinho, Rita, Daniela Salgueiro, Lidia Santos, Pedro Barquinha, Luis Pereira, Rodrigo Martins, and Elvira Fortunato. "{Aqueous Combustion Synthesis of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films and Application as Gate Dielectric in GZTO Solution-Based TFTs}." {ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES}. {6} (Submitted): {19592-19599}. Abstract

{Solution processing has been recently considered as an option when trying to reduce the costs associated with deposition under vacuum. In this context, most of the research efforts have been centered in the development of the semiconductors processes nevertheless the development of the most suitable dielectrics for oxide based transistors is as relevant as the semiconductor layer itself. In this work we explore the solution combustion synthesis and report on a completely new and green route for the preparation of amorphous aluminum oxide thin films; introducing water as solvent. Optimized dielectric layers were obtained for a water based precursor solution with 0.1 M concentration and demonstrated high capacitance, 625 nF cm(-2) at 10 kHz, and a permittivity of 7.1. These thin films were successfully applied as gate dielectric in solution processed gallium-zinc-tin oxide (GZTO) thin film transistors (TFTs) yielding good electrical performance such as subthreshold slope of about 0.3 V dec(-1) and mobility above 1.3 cm(2) V-1 s(-1).}