Past events

Date Event
11/16/2021 - 11/17/2021 CaixaResearch Conference "Pandemics: Overcoming Covid-19 and preparing for the future” (Assist)
10/27/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
10/15/2021 B.Sc. examination: Diogo Costa, Química Aplicada (Jury)
10/15/2021 Webinar: Oportunidades de Financiamento Europeu para a Saúde (Assisting)
10/13/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
9/22/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
9/8/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
8/30/2021 Universidade de Verão de Bioquímica, Lecture: Princípios de segurança e funcionamento no laboratório.
7/28/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
7/19/2021 B.Sc. examination: Bruno Geraldo, Química Aplicada (Supervisor)
7/19/2021 B.Sc. examination: Mariana José, Química Aplicada (Jury)
7/13/2021 B.Sc. examination: Gonçalo Dias, Projeto Bioquímica (Jury)
7/8/2021 NOVA Innovation Day 2021 (Assisting)
7/7/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
6/29/2021 Webinar - OER by Design: Planning a Course with Open Educational Resources (Assisting)
6/23/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
6/21/2021 - 6/24/2021 “Bioactive constituents derived from ancient medicinal plants.” 4th Luso-brazilian Meeting on the History of Tropical Medicine & 2nd National Symposium on the History of Diseases and the Healing Arts (Presenting Author)
6/16/2021 Advanced Materials Conference - To innovate in the future, the journey starts here (Assisting)
6/15/2021 Idea Puzzle webinar (Assisting)
6/9/2021 LAQV WEBINARS (Assisting)
5/26/2021 Webinar: [Research Smarter] Analisar as fontes de financiamento da investigação (Assisting)
5/26/2021 LAQV webinars Natural Products – Chemistry and Bioactivity Research Group (Assisting)
5/13/2021 Webinar: Normalização em Nanotecnologias (Assisting)
5/12/2021 LAQV webinars Natural Products – Chemistry and Bioactivity Research Group (Assisting)
5/5/2021 - 5/6/2021 “Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticles Functionalized with Carbohydrates as Drug-Delivery Platforms.” EuroNanoFaroum 2021 (Presenting Author)