Fiddle - Flexible Interface for Distributed Debugging (Library and Engine)

Fiddle is a distributed debugging engine, independent from the user interface, and supports on-line interactive correctness debugging of distributed programs executing in heterogeneous systems. It include support for high-level user-definable abstractions, multiple user-interfaces concurrently steering the same distributed program, which are synchronized to always have a consistent view of the program being debugged. Fiddle is easily integrable into Parallel Software Engineering Environments, and its earlier version (named as DDBG) was used in the first versions of GRADE and EDPPEPS parallel software development environments.

WARNING: Fiddle was first made public in 2004 (v0.9.1). The second release, in 2006 (v0.9.2), introduces many fixes and bugs corrections, both in the code and in the documentation.  Since 2006, Fiddle has had no maintenace. You are welcome to try it and I will gladly help in any way possible, but you use it at your own risk.

Recent Releases

Release Package Date
0.9-1 Download (989.09 KB) Release info May 13 2013