UNL Thesis Template (release 3.0.3)

The release 3.0.3 is available at github

2015-07-29 — Version 3.0.3

  • Folder “Examples” as a showcase of thesis for different schools and with different chapter styles
  • More bug fixes
  • Added support for FCSH-UNL (together with FCT-UNL and IST-UL, see the README files in the corresponding folders)
  • New option: otherlistsat=front|back to print the other lists (figures, tables, etc) after the TOC or just before the appendixes
  • New option: aftercover=false|ture to (not) include the aftercover file (even if exists)
  • New Option: media=screen|paper to specify the target medias (they may use different page layouts)
  • Major internal changes, but mainly not visible to the template user. Now the template includes "folder-based" support for new schools (forward compatible with new folders to be added).
  • Created a flexible system to design the thesis cover and its contents, to facilitate the support of other schools/institutions.
  • General cleanup of the code. Removed dependencies from a few packages (geometry, tabu, memoir, ...)
  • Multiple bug fixes