recent projects

2020- 2023

PTDC/BTA-BTA/0935/2020  [CO2FREE]

Sistema bioelectroquímico para a mitigação do CO2

Bioelectrochemical system for CO2 mitigation

(área: Environmental Biotechnology /Biological Sciences – Biochemistry)

Key words: CO2 Mitigation / Formate dehydrogenases /Bioelectrochemistry

PI - José J. G. Moura



Erasmus +

INNO3D - 3D Printing Support Service for Innovative Citizens

Transnational Project

Romania, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal (PI José J. G. Moura) and Slovakia




OXYMOD - Optimized oxidative enzyme systems for efficient conversion of lignocellulose to valuable products

Forskerprosjekt - BIOTEK2021

Application Number: ES583910 Project Number




Generation of NO by enzymes of xanthine oxidase family: New catalytic performances of old enzymes

Project PTDC/QUI/100366/2008 (FCT-MCTES, Portugal)

PI - José J. G. Moura



BIOCOR ITN (Initial Training network on Biocorrosion)

Grant Agreement N°: 238579 (Seventh Framework Programme, EU)

PI - José J. G. Moura



Spectroscopic and computational studies on the nitrate reductase catalytic mechanism

Project PTDC/QUI/67052/2006(FCT-MCTES, Portugal)

PI - José J. G. Moura