other activities

Evaluator FCT Grants

Member several Editorial Boards

Member Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Panel for Science and Innovation

Member Scientific Advisory Board – SBIC

President Elected Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Elected Member of  "Academia das Ciências de Lisboa"

Director Library FCT - UNL


BIOIN PT (2013) - Creation of the Portuguese Group on BIOINORGANIC Chemistry and its website (http://sites.fct.unl.pt/bioin-portugal/) by JJG Moura and LB Maia, Integration in the Inorganic Division of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Química in 2016

Ano Europeu do Cérebro (2014), Expositions and seminars co-organized by JJG Moura, Biblioteca FCT NOVA / REQUIMTE FCT NOVA / DCV / ArCo, FCT, Portugal

NOITE da LUZ (08/06/2015), Seminars co-organized by JJG Moura, Biblioteca FCT NOVA, FCT, Portugal

Light Design "Emotions and Light" (27/05/2016), Seminars co-organized by JJG Moura, Biblioteca FCT NOVA, FCT, Portugal

NoSIC-7: Not Strictly Inorganic Chemistry (01-03/06/2016), Seminar "Cartoons, Chemistry, Art and Society" presented by JJG Moura, Prullans de Cerdanya, Spain

FUTURALIA, FIL (18/06/2016), FCT FAB LAB Lab presented by JJG Moura, Lisboa, Portugal

Festival de Verão (21/06/2016), Event co-organized by JJG Moura, Campus FCT NOVA, FCT, Portugal

Specialised Advanced Course on Light Design (07/2016), Formalization of the course, supported by Scientific Council FCT, by JJG Moura, FCT, Portugal

This is America (17/09/2016), Presentation of American Corner Activities by JJG Moura, Lisboa, Portugal

11th Inorganic Chemistry Conference of SPQ, 1st Meeting of the Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry Division of SPQ (07-08/10/2016), JJG Moura was member of the Scientific Committee, Sintra, Portugal

FCT FABLAB (28/10/2016), Installation and inauguration at the Campus of Caparica, powered by US Embassy, by JJG Moura, FCT, Portugal.

FAB MASTER course (28/10/2016), Formalization of the course, in collaboration with MIT and supported by Scientific Council FCT, by JJG Moura, Portugal

FCT NOVA Library Anniversary, 10 years (18/11/2016), Event co-organized by JJG Moura, Grande Auditório CGD and Biblioteca FCT NOVA, FCT, Portugal

Water Talks (19/09/2017), Seminar "Conversa com Água" presented by JJG Moura, ROCA, Lisboa, Portugal

Interface Culture / Campus / Community

Programs, Exhibitions, Art and Cultural Activities and Actions (before 2013-2017, (www.biblioteca.fct.unl.pt;  http://bibliotecaunl.blogspot.pt), Moura, JJG, as Director of Biblioteca FCT NOVA, FCT, Portugal

Fund Raising for the Library FCT NOVA - in collaboration with USA Embassy and American Corners of Portugal (before 2013-2017), Moura, JJG, Portugal

TEDx FCT UNL (before 2013-2017) Co-organized by JJG Moura