Research Activities

The main work is Structure-Function of Metalloproteins. Application of biochemical and spectroscopic tools (NMR, EPR and Mössbauer). Proteins involved in relevant bacterial metabolic pathways – N and S Biocycles. Active sites includes Cu, Co, hemes, iron-sulfur centers (rubredoxin type, [2Fe-4S], [3Fe-4S], [4Fe-4S]) as well as association of Fe-S centers with Mo, W, Ni, siroheme and flavines. New type of clusters and new metal associations is also one of the main topics of research.

 Publications – 370     H factor =51

Research - Key words

Bioinorganic, Biophysics, Biocatalysis

Energy Bioconversion (Hydrogen).

Role of metals in Biology.

(heme and non-heme iron, molybdenum, tungsten, nickel, vanadium and cobalt).

Inorganic systems as models for biocatalysis.

Spectroscopy (NMR, EPR and Mössbauer).



Bacterial Systems (Sulfate reducers and Denitrifiers).

Large scale protein production (native and overexpressed).

Molecular modeling (Protein-Protein interactions).

Reconstitution of Electron Transfer Chains

Metalloproteins Structure-Function relationships.