Background – Basic Education


University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico (1968 - 1974)

(Chemical Engineering - Classification: 18 out of 20)

D.Phil. (Bioinorganic Chemistry) New University of Lisbon (1981) 


Professional Career – Resumé


1971/1974     Demonstrator, Lisbon University (IST)

1974/1977     Teaching Assistant, Lisbon University (IST)

1977/1981     Teaching Assistant, Chemistry Department, FCT, UNL.

1981/1986     Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, FCT, UNL.

1984/1986     Assistant Adjunct Professor, University of Georgia, Athens, E.U.A..

1986 - ...        Associated Professor, Chemistry Department,  FCT, UNL.

1986 - ...        Associate Adjunct Professor, Universidade da Georgia, Athens, EUA.

1986              Sabatical Leave, University of Georgia, EUA (6 meses).

1992/1993     Sabatical Leave, University of Saarburg, Germany, 

          Emory University, EUA, Univ Georgia, EUA

          Univ South Florida, EUA (1 year).

1994              Habilitation. Approved by unanimity.

1994/1997     Associated Professor with Habilitation, Chemistry Dept, FCT UNL.

1997-...          Full Professor, Chemistry Department , FCT UNL.

2000/2011     Head of the Chemistry Department, FCT/UNL.

                      Director of the Associated Laboratory REQUIMTE.