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Lavado, M., R. Martins, I. Ferreira, G. Lavareda, E. Fortunato, M. Vieira, and L. Guimarães. "Electron paramagnetic resonance of defects in doped microcrystalline silicon." Vacuum. 39.7 (1989): 791-794. Abstract
Ley, L., AH Mahan, Y. Xu, E. Iwaniczko, DL Williamson, BP Nelson, Q. Wang, H. Umemoto, Y. Nozaki, and M. Kitazoe. "PART A." (2002). Abstract
Lopes, M. E., H. L. Gomes, M. C. R. Medeiros, P. Barquinha, L. Pereira, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, and I. Ferreira. "Gate-bias stress in amorphous oxide semiconductors thin-film transistors." Applied Physics Letters. 95.6 (2009): 063502-3. Abstract