Vasco Alberto Filipe Ribeiro (Msc in Biochemistry) (2013/2014)
Title: “Study of the iron role in an oxidative stress sensor protein- PerR”

Sara Cristina Silva Rodrigues Matias (Msc in Structural and Functional Biochemistry (2010)
Title: “An hydrogen peroxide sensor in an anaerobic bacterium: Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough PerR”.



Maxime do Vale Ferreira (2014)
Title: “Mechanistic and spectroscopic studies in a Cytochrome c with a new type of coordination and a nitric oxide dioxygenase activity”.

David André Carvalho Sardinha (2012)
Title: “Characterization of an H2O2 sensor protein from an anaerobic bacterium, solubilized from inclusion bodies”.

Vasco Alberto Filipe Ribeiro (2012)
Title: “Cloning and expression of a soluble form of Desulfovibrio vulgaris PerR".

André Filipe Simões Carvalho de Sousa (2009)
Title: “Biochemical studies on enzymes which protect DNA from oxidative stress”.

Sara Cristina Silva Rodrigues Matias (2008)
Title: “Biochemical and spectroscopic characterization of a desaturase from Arabidopsis thaliana”.

Ana Catarina Leite Guerreiro (2008)
Title: “Desulfovibrio vulgaris ferritin – formation of the ferroxidase center”.

David Filipe Mota Campos da Silva (2008)
Title: “Iron oxidation by Desulfovibrio vulgaris ferritin”.

Gonçalo Maria Reimão Pinto de França Doria (2002)
Title: “DNA sequencing the gene encoding Pseudomonas stutzeri cytochrome c peroxidase”.



André Filipe Simões C. Sousa – Scientific Research Initiation Fellowship BII -FCT/MCTES.

Pedro Quaresma e Raquel Fortunato (Supervision of the undergraduate laboratory rotation – 2004)

Gonçalo Doria e Miguel Carinhas – Research project of the Physical Chemistry II course (2000/2001)
Title: “NMR study of the interaction between Pseudomonas stutzeri cytochrome c peroxidase and its electron donor”.