Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Program


RaBBit was born to fulfil a gap in the current demand in the different related research areas. Moreover, as far as we are concerned, such a programme will only be successful if bringing in international expertise and partnership. RaBBit was built to be a programme that is international in nature, multidisciplinary and versatile to answer the needs for competent researchers in the topics of the proposal. The doctoral programme provides advanced training by putting together a set of different experts in their specialised fields, introducing students to cutting-edge theories and research methods, comprising an advanced and up-to-date training in radiation biology and biophysics. It is also the aim of the programme that after its completion, the PhD student will have acquired the necessary background either for a future academic career or as senior researcher in industrial and/or health care environments. 

The curricular structure is design to: a) level students background; b) allow students to acquire specialized and current knowledge; c) stimulate students’ scientific capabilities; and d) encourage their attitude towards accuracy, honesty and adaptation to new working environments.