The Image Gallery feature is an intuitive tool to help you upload, store and manage your web site photos.  You can create categories, or galleries,  for related groups of photos to give your photos context and to keep them organized. All of your site photos will be centrally accessible from the photo gallery.

To begin using the Image Gallery feature, you'll first will need to create a gallery.

To add a gallery directly from your site, browse to your site and click the "Images" link in your primary menu. Next click on the link that says "+ Add gallery" and begin filling in the details of your image gallery.

Adding Images to Your Galleries

Once you have saved your image gallery you're ready to start adding images. When viewing your list of galleries a camera icon will appear below each gallery that says "Add Image". Click on this link to add you image. After clicking on this link, a form will appear for you to submit your image and image information.

The form will display the name of the image gallery that the image you are saving will belong to. You also have the ability to create a "Tags" or categories for the image. Visitors can also find specific links by browsing the categories that you have selected for it. Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save the image and image information that you have entered. The saved image will automatically get saved to the corresponding image gallery.

Viewing Your Galleries and Images

To view a list of your existing image galleries with images, browse to your site and click the "Images" link in your primary menu. You will see a list of each gallery. The images for each gallery will be displayed.