The Front feature allows you to customize the content on your front page. You can customize your front page by navigating to the Features section of the control panel and selecting the corresponding "customize" link.

Choosing your front page content

You can select from the following ways to determine the content for your site's front page:

Posts from specific feature(s) - This option will display all content from a specific feature on your front page. After selecting this option, you will see a checkbox appear for each feature that you have installed on your site. For example, if you selected the publications checkbox, your front page will contain a list of your publication posts.

One of your posts - This option will designate one of your posts to be displayed as your front page content. If you select this option, you'll see a text field appear below. Begin typing the title of the post and the field will try to auto-populate the title. Note: that when you select an existing title, you'll see a small notation added to the end, such as [nid:19] . This notation is used by the web site when processing your front page settings, so you should not remove this notation.

You can also click on the "+Add new" link to create a new post as your front page content.

Hand-pick content as you go - By selecting this option, you will have a ability to hand select individual posts of any type to appear on your front page. To do this, go to any post and click on the "Admin Options" button just below the post. Next, a list of choices will appear. Select "Featured Post" to set this post as your front page content.


The Front feature comes with two default widgets: Announcements and Upcoming events. By default these widgets will appear in the right sidebar. The Front feature settings provide text fields for renaming these widgets.