Supercondutivity module

I- Phenomenology of superconductivity (Resistivity and Meissner effect, phase diagrams, superconductors type I and II)
II- Introduction to phenomenological theories (Theory London. magnetic fiel penetration length. Ginzburg-Landau theory: free energy "à la Landau" order parameter equations of Ginzburg Landau, comprimentode consistency, vortices, and Bc1 Bc2.)
III- Application to superconducting coils (Resistance of superconductors, vortex pinning, critical current, technology of superconducting wires, calculating a coil)

Statistical Physics

1.Random Walk. Probability and statistics
2. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics.
3. Microcanonical statistics.
4. Canonical statistics
5 The Perfect classical Gas
6. Grande Canonical statistics. Quantum statistics
7. Sommerfeld model for electrons in metals

Cryogenics (3 ECTS )

1. Introduction: Why and When. The main issues of Cryogenics
2. Cryogenics liquids: My first cryostat. Cryogenics liquids. The case of 3He and 4He. Main features of Cryogenics Liquids
3. Heat transfer by radiation: Stefan-Boltzman law. Thermal shields at constant temperature. Multilayers insulation, MLI