Vasco Santos João


Estudo do Efeito Simulado da Corrosão no Comportamento Mecânico de Varões de Aço de Construção

The scope of this study is to evaluate the mechanical properties of reinforced steel bars, under corrosion simulation. It was chosen the most common bars used in the Portuguese construction industry, like A500 NR, A500 NR SD and A500 ER with the aim to compare the behavior between them. The selection considered various diameters (8, 10, 16 and 25 mm), in order to characterize the influence of deterioration in stirrups and main bars. The specimens were assessed by stress and deformation capacity and compared with the minimum required parameters, specified by the Portuguese LNEC documentation.

The corrosion was simulated by removing the cross section area, using two kinds of mechanical processes. Which allowed the characterization of generalize corrosion and pitting corrosion by dividing the removal processes into mechanical turning and milling for 10, 20 30, 40 and 50% of cross section area loss.

Results indicate premature and brittle failure under loss of about 20% of cross section area. The ductility capacity was the most affected property and that phenomenon was observed on mainly hot-rolled steel bars.