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Hugo  Biscaia

Hugo Biscaia

Assistant Professor

Behaviour and Modeling of GFRPtoConcrete Interfaces of Reinforced Concrete Elements Exposed to Aggressive Environments (PhD Thesis)

Ana Rita Gião

Ana Rita Gião

High Seismic Performance Beam-Column Connection

The present work refers to the study of seismic behavior and retrofitting of beam-column connections. The motivation of this work relates to the need of improve or increase the safety of structures in relation to seismic actions.

Marco  Ludovico-Marques

Marco Ludovico-Marques

Contribuição para o Conhecimento do Efeito de Cristalização de Sais na Alterabilidade de Arenitos. Aplicação ao Património Edificado de Atouguia da Baleia

This work intends to be the beginning of a process of study about the importance of sandstones in Portuguese cultural heritage.

The author refers to important monuments all over the world and in Portugal where sandstones are widely used. Atouguia da Baleia village is an example and it constitutes the case study of the present work.