Ricardo Cardoso


Sistemas de dissipação de energia em estruturas de betão armado

The present work describes the main passive system for seismic protection and studies in detail two possible energy dissipation devices for concrete structures. The first energy dissipater is a device that twists in steel screw bars, the operating is conditioned by the strength of the screw when the bar is on tension. The second energy dissipater is a device that only works in compression and it can be applied at all kind of steel bars.
In the experimental section are described and analyzed two models that tested the behaviour of the two different devices, one that works twisted in a steel bar under tension and the other works in compression. Are also described and realized tests of material characterization of the different models.
A fiber model for concrete sections with non linear behaviour of the materials, namely, steel, concrete and the energy dissipation device was carried out.
Based on the non linear behaviour of some analyzed sections, is made a studied of the application of the energy dissipater in reinforced concrete structures in a computer program.
The characteristics of a section with the energy dissipater applied are inserted in the program and is made a non linear analyze of the structure performance under seismic accelerations in the foundation.