Micael Feliciano


Estudo da implantação offshore de turbina eólica sobre torre treliçada em betão pré-esforçado

Renewable energy are gradually assuming the role of an alternative source of energy to fossil fuels especially because of research and development that has been carried out to this day.
Wind energy is one of the most promising renewable energy, particularly offshore technology because it presents a high potential, even though a lot of research and development is still needed.
In order to make this technology more and more efficient and economical, there are several solutions on the market in terms of wind turbines, as well as support towers. The solutions for support towers anchored to the seabed are mainly found in shallow waters, and there is lack of structural solutions for intermediate waters.
The present work aims to provide a new concept of support tower for intermediate waters.
Firstly, a deployment location was chosen: the Portuguese pilot testing zone. Secondly, the design of a 150-meter-high precast truss tower in prestressed concrete with 50 meters below sea level was accomplished with the aid of two computer programs, RECAL and SAP 2000.
Thirdly, several aspects of the construction and assembly of the tower were studied, including its
connection to the electrical grid.
Fourthly, the global economic viability of the project was evaluated, taking into consideration the annual quantity and cost of the energy produced by the Offshore Wind Turbine.