Hugo Sousa


Cyclic Behavior of Polymeric Mortars with Lightweight Aggregates

In this project, a study on the behaviour of actions of polymenic mortars with low associates is undergone. On the market there currently exist various types of epoxy resin and cork or rubber associates.
In order for the experiments to take place, various compositions of polymeric mortars, with a variation of resin type (2) and its associate (4), as well as a quantity of both were also used, so that there could be a wide range of results whereby an analysis of the influence of each type of material and its mechanical behaviour of these polymeric mortars with lightweight aggregates, could be obtained.
The produced compositions were submitted to different types of actions. A wide variety of monotonic experiments, cyclic compression, fatigue, recharge and fluency.
With this document all the results of conducted experiments and its due analysis and conclusions are presented.