Edmar Martins


Estudo dos Efeitos da Composição e das Dimensões no Comportamento Mecânico das Argamassas Poliméricas de Agregados Leves

The present dissertation studies the size and composition effects on the mechanical behavior of polymeric mortars with lightweight aggregates.
The motivation for this study arose from the need to research the mechanical behaviour of polymeric mortars with lightweight aggregates - in the present case, rubber and cork. Besides, the need to develop better polymeric mortars constitutes another objective of this study.
However, due to high cost of traditional polymeric mortars, lightweight aggregates were used.
In this way, some advantages of polymeric mortars were maintained at the same time that their costs were reduced.
Most of this work is based essentially on experimental analysis. The materials which were used as binders in polymeric mortars were characterized. The polymeric mortars were tested by using different aggregates. The analysis was made by testing the behaviour under monotonic compression and bending of the developed mortars, varying the geometry of the specimens, the aggregate composition (4 types) and the epoxy resins (2 types).