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Restani RB, Morgado PI, Ribeiro MP, Correia IJ, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Bonifácio VDB. "Biocompatible Polyurea Dendrimers with pH-Dependent Fluorescence." Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2012;51:5162-5165. AbstractWebsite

Biocompatible and biodegradable water-soluble dendrimers comprising ureas within the interior and amino groups on the periphery were synthesized in supercritical carbon dioxide (dendrimer of generation 1 shown in picture). This novel class of dendrimers shows a pH-dependent intrinsic blue fluorescence at very low concentrations, which makes them potential polymeric fluorescent cell markers.

De MacEdo CV, Da Silva MS, Casimiro T, Cabrita EJ, Aguiar-Ricardo A. "Boron trifluoride catalyzed polymerisation of 2-substituted-2-oxazolines in supercritical carbon dioxide." Green Chemistry. 2007;9(9):948-953. AbstractWebsite
Bonifácio VDB, Correia VG, Pinho MG, Lima JC, Aguiar-Ricardo A. "Blue emission of carbamic acid oligooxazoline biotags." Materials Letters. 2012;81:205-208. AbstractWebsite
Barroso T, Roque ACA, Aguiar-Ricardo A. "Bioinspired and sustainable chitosan-based monoliths for antibody capture and release." RSC Advances. 2012;2(30):11285-11294. AbstractWebsite