Industry 4.0

Marta Candeias


Metalworkers 4.0

Metalworkers 4.0 – high skills of employees as a measure for high adaptability of enterprises to technological changes.

Project co-financed by the European Union.

Grant agreement number: UDA-POWR.04.03.00-00-0117/18-00


Sustainable Human Resource Management in the Context of Emerging Technologies, ISM Lithuania

Emerging technologies (ET) in the context of Industry 4.0, such as Robotics, Cyber Physical Systems, etc. will provide tremendous shifts with regard to working processes, e.g. increasing human-robot-interactions and similar technological advancements. However, in the debate about the possibilities of ET, their technical norms and standards, one of the most central aspects – the effects on employees, organizations, and work structures – has been often neglected. We still lack knowledge about the deeper implications of the ET: How ET will change work design in organizations?

Sociologia das Novas Tecnologias de Informação


Knowledge of the basic principles of the relation Technology and Society

Capacity of analysis on the Information and Knowledge Society

Information about approaches on technology and production systems, on working conditions and job design in automated environments

Knowledge of issues around conflict negotiation and  agreements, emergence of new vocational profiles in the information society, and of the concept of Industry 4.0.