Total rainbow k-connection in graphs

Liu, H., Â. Mestre, and Teresa Sousa. "Total rainbow k-connection in graphs." Discrete Applied Mathematics. 174 (2014): 92-101.


Let k be a positive integer and G be a k-connected graph. In 2009, Chartrand, Johns, McKeon, and Zhang introduced the rainbow k-connection number rc_k(G) of G. An edge-coloured path is rainbow if its edges have distinct colours. Then, rc_k(G) is the minimum number of colours required to colour the edges of G so that any two vertices of G are connected by k internally vertex-disjoint rainbow paths. The function rc_k(G) has since been studied by numerous researchers. An analogue of the function rc_k(G) involving vertex colourings, the rainbow vertex k-connection number rvc_k(G), was subsequently introduced. In this paper, we introduce a version which involves total colourings. A total-coloured path is total-rainbow if its edges and internal vertices have distinct colours. The total rainbow k-connection number of G, denoted by trc_k(G), is the minimum number of colours required to colour the edges and vertices of $G$, so that any two vertices of $G$ are connected by $k$ internally vertex-disjoint total-rainbow paths. We study the function trc_k(G) when G is a cycle, a wheel, and a complete multipartite graph. We also compare the functions rc_k(G), rvc_k(G), and trc_k(G), by considering how close and how far apart trc_k(G) can be from rc_k(G) and rvc_k(G).

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