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Borges, Rui, Isabel Tissot, Ana Isabel Seruya, Rui JC Silva, Sara Fragoso, Belmira Maduro, and Alexandre Pais. "Gilding and silvering surface decoration techniques, and copper provenance studies of the tomb of D. Afonso of Portugal (15th century)." X-Ray Spectrometry. 37.4 (2008): 338-345. Abstract
Silva, R. J. C., F. M. Braz Fernandes, A. Hazotte, F. Hellal, J. Lacaze, S. Denis, and A. M. Pinto. "Graphitisation model of spheroidal graphite cast iron taking into account stress/diffusion coupling." Materials Science Forum. 404-407 (2002): 165-172. AbstractWebsite
Martins, R. M. S., N. Schell, M. Beckers, K. K. Mahesh, R. J. C. Silva, and FMB Fernandes. "Growth of sputter-deposited Ni-Ti thin films: Effect of a SiO2 buffer layer." Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing. 84.3 (2006): 285-289. Abstract