João Russo

PhD Student / FCT-UNL

PhD Dissertation: Evolution of nodosaurid dinosaurs and description of a new skeleton from the Late Jurassic of Portugal

Master thesis: Eggs and eggshells of Crocodylomorpha of the Late Jurassic of Portugal


M Marzola, J Russo, O Mateus (2015) Identification and comparison of modern and fossil crocodilian eggs and eggshell structures. Historical Biology 27 (1), 115-133

E Tschopp, J Russo, G Dzemski 2013. Retrodeformation as a test for the validity of phylogenetic characters: an example from diplodocid sauropod vertebrae. Palaeontologia Electronica 1998, 16 1 2013

OF dos Santos, J Russo, M Mendes, N Pimentel, RP dos Reis. 2010. Modeling of Cretaceous uplift and erosion events in the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal). CM 2010-Abstracts 3