Emanuel Tschopp

PhD in 2014 / Post-doc at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

PhD Topic: 

Evolution of diplodocid sauropod dinosaurs with emphasis on specimens from Howe Ranch (Wyoming, USA)

Emanuel Tschopp received his MSc in paleontology 2008 at University of Zurich. In 2010, he started his PhD at the Department of Earth Sciences of the Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, under the supervision of Prof. Octávio Mateus. His main research interests are the phylogeny and evolution of sauropod dinosaurs, in particular of the Late Jurassic faunas from the Morrison and the Lourinhã Formations in the USA and Portugal, respectively, where he also participated in various excavation campaigns.

Tschopp and Mateus recently described a new diplodocid sauropod, Kaatedocus siberi, and reported on probable sauropod interclavicles – which were previously thought to be absent in dinosaurs. Ongoing projects are a specimen-based phylogenetic analysis of diplodocid sauropods, a revision of Camarasaurus, and a 3D morphometric analysis of shape change within the vertebral column of sauropods.

Selected References:

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