Funding and Projects

  1. GeoBioTec-GeoBioSciences, GeoTechnologies and GeoEngineering NOVA [GeoBioCiências, GeoTecnologias e GeoEngenharias], grant UIDB/04035/2020 by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. 
  2. Project BARY-PT: The theropod Baryonyx from Portugal: excavations, comparisons, museology and paleobiology Aim: The project has the following scientific and museological objectives: 1) Determine the taxonomy of ML1100. Is the Portuguese material B. walkeri? 2) Estimate role of unfused neurocentral suture in advance the ontogenetic age in spinosaurids.  3) Better understand the geological context and look for new material. 4) Mount the skeleton and reconstruct for museum display. by DinoParque da Lourinhã GRANT_NUMBER: SA3-10 
  3. Project  MicroSaurus: Dinoparque Lourinhã GRANT_NUMBER: BDP03
  4. Project  XTalEggs -Applying microtextural analysis and geochemistry to explore phylogeny and functional adaptation in archosaurian eggshells. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Lisboa) PTDC/CTA-PAL/31656/2017
  5. Project Jura-PT, funded by Museu da Lourinhã


Our research is only possible due to the help of a vast amount of people. Despite the risk of missing some, here my list of acknowledgments.
Main Co-authors: Araújo R.; Barsbold R.; Belvedere, M.; Callapez P. M.; Castanera D.; Choiniere J.; Cobos A.;Currie P. J.;Gonçalves A. O.;Guillaume, A. R. D.; Hendrickx, C.; Jacobs L. L.;Jacobs L. L. Costa, F.;Kim S. - H.;Kobayashi Y.; Koppelhus E.; Lee S.; Lee Y. - N.; Marty D.; Meyer C. A.; Moreno-Azanza M.,; Park, J. - Y.; Polcyn M. J.; Puértolas-Pascual, E.; Santos V. F.; Schulp A. S.; e Silva B. C. Miguel Telles Antunes, FCT-UNL + ACL
José Carlos Ribeiro Kullberg
Emanuel David Tschopp
Rogério Eduardo Bordalo da Rocha
Francisco Costa
Miguel Moreno-Azanza 
José António de Almeida, FCT-UNL
João José Cardoso Pais, FCT-UNL
António Gonçalves, FC-UAN, Angola
Eduardo Puértolas Pascual, DCT - Departamento de Ciências da Terra 

Mainly institutional cooperations:
Other units at Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Museu da Lourinhã
Museu Geológico and LNEG- Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia
Universidade de Coimbra
Universidade de Évora
Academia de Ciências de Lisboa
Universidade do Porto
Dinoparque Lourinhã
Univ. Agostinho Neto
Universidade Privada de Tundavala
United States of America
Southern Methodist University
American Museum of Natural History
Brown University
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
University of Copenhagen,
MoensKlint Geocenter
Ostsjaellands Museum
Natural History Museum of Denmark
University of Edinburgh
Natural History Museum
Imperial College
University College of London
Univ. Birmingham
Univ. of Bonn
Univ. Munich
Munchehagen DinoPark
Museum Nat Kunde
Natural History Museum Maastricht
Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Brazil: Universidade Federal Uberlândia
France: National Museum of Natural History
Switzerland: SaurierMuseum Aathal
South Korea: Hawseong Museum
China: China University of Geosciences
South Africa: University Witwatersrand
Laboratory technicians: Carla Tomás, Micael Martinho, Mª Eduarda Ferreira, João Marinheiro.

At Museu da Lourinhã: Lubélia Gonçalves and the Direction Board, Alexandre Audigane, Bruno Pereira, Carla Tomás, and Carla Abreu.