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Bruno  Pereira

Bruno Pereira

PhD at University of Bristol (now at Museu da Lourinhã)

PhD title: "Mesozoic Echinoderms from Portugal: quality of the fossil record, phylogeny and biogeography"

Bruno was born in Portugal in 1984. At a tender age, he developed the passion for Geology, especially Palaeontology. He loves fossils since he can remember, and he was always egger to go out and collect them. He focused his studies on invertebrates and he is currently specializing on Echinoderms, namely echinoids (sea-urchins).

Christophe   Hendrickx

Christophe Hendrickx

PhD at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (now at University of the Witwatersrand)

Christophe Hendrickx has a passion for dinosaurs and vertebrate palaeontology starting at the age of 6. In order to fulfill his dream of becoming a palaeontologist, he did a licence of geology at the Université of Liège (Belgium) for 5 years as well as a master in palaeobiology at the University of Bristol (England) before finding a PhD research project on dinosaurs at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal.