Energy-related Courses

Photovoltaic Energy: Materials & Applications

Main topics:

  • Physical principles of photovoltaic (PV) solar-to-electricity conversion
  • Traditional (wafer-based) and emerging (thin-film) PV technologies
  • Novel solar cell concepts as photonics for light-trapping and quantum-structured semiconductors
  • Electrical storage in batteries and (super)capacitors
  • Practical group projects on characterization and computational simulation of solar cells, as well as dimensioning of PV + storage systems.

Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Main topics:

  • Present energetic challenges, sustainability aims
  • Solar electricity - fundaments, production and storage
  • PV technology - novel concepts (e.g. light management) and materials (e.g. Perovskite cells)
  • Energy harvesting from motion and power management
  • Solar thermal energy - fundaments and applications
  • Practical group projects on fabrication, characterization & dimensioning of solar and energy storage systems.

Photonics in Materials

Main Topics:

  • Applied geometric and wave optics
  • Introduction to quantum mechanics and light-matter interaction
  • Principles of solid-state physics
  • Practical applications of photonics and current technologies under development
  • Computational simulation of light-trapping in thin-film solar cells