On the Width of the Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current Peak

Neagu, E. R., C. J. Dias, M. C. Lanca, R. Igreja, P. Inacio, J. N. Marat-Mendes, and Ieee, "On the Width of the Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current Peak", Proceedings of the 2010 Ieee International Conference on Solid Dielectrics, 2010.


The Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current (TSDC) method is a very sensitive technique to analyze the movement of dipoles and of space charge (SC). To increase the selectivity of the method we have proposed a variant of the TSDC method, namely the final thermally stimulated discharge current (FTSDC) technique. The experimental conditions can be selected so that the FTSDC is mainly determined by SC de-trapping. The aim of this paper is to analyze if the elementary peaks obtained by using the two methods can be assumed as elementary Debye peaks and to determine the best experimental conditions to obtain a narrow experimental peak which means to increase the selectivity of the method.


Neagu, E. R. Dias, C. J. Lanca, M. C. Igreja, R. Inacio, P. Marat-Mendes, J. N. ICSD 2010 International Conference on Solid Dielectrics ICSD JUL 04-09, 2010 Potsdam, GERMANY

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