Piezoelectric Calcium Modified Barium Titanate for Bone Regeneration

Madeira, R. M. D., T. Vieira, J. C. Silva, I. R. Oliveira, J. P. Borges, M. M. R. A. Lima, and C. M. Lança, "Piezoelectric Calcium Modified Barium Titanate for Bone Regeneration", Materials Proceedings 2022, Vol. 8, Page 121, vol. 8, no. 1, Basel Switzerland, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, pp. 121, jul, 2022.


Solid state reaction was used to produced barium titanate modified with calcium (BCT) showing the presence of the piezoelectric tetragonal phase after sintering at 1350 °C. Bioglass 45S5 (BG) was synthetized by sol-gel route. From these two materials and commercial hydroxyapatite (HAp) were obtained composites. The BG produced showed some cytotoxic character that was weakened by passivation. All other materials were non-cytotoxic. Contact polarization at constant temperature was chosen composites polarization. Electric/dielectric properties were evaluated by thermally stimulated depolarization currents (TSDC). The material showed bioactivity with the composite with BCT/BG/HAp 90/5/5 (wt%) showing increased bioactivity. In vitro test showed high proliferation rates for the composites.



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