Pore dimension of water trees in PE: NMR studies

Judeinstein, P., M. C. Lanca, J. Marat-Mendes, and J. Rault, "Pore dimension of water trees in PE: NMR studies", Polymer, vol. 41, no. 22, pp. 8151-8154, 2000.


In PE films aged under electric field the crystallisation of water (and melting of ice) has been studied by quadrupolar NMR, this technique allows one to determine the concentration of water as low as 10(-4). It is shown that the pore dimensions of the tracks forming the water trees of the order of 2.5 nm, are independent of the ageing time. The mobility of water in these water trees and in porous glass, of similar pore dimensions, are compared. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.



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