New Experimental Facts Concerning the Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current in Dielectric Materials

Neagu, R. M., E. R. Neagu, M. C. Lanca, and J. N. Marat-Mendes. "New Experimental Facts Concerning the Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current in Dielectric Materials." Advanced Materials Forum Iv. Eds. AT Marques, AF Silva, APM Baptista, C. Sa, FJLA Alves, LF Malheiros, and M. Vieira. Vol. 587-588. Materials Science Forum, 587-588. 2008. 328-332.


The thermally stimulated discharge current (TSDC.) method is a very sensitive and a very selective technique to analyze dipole disorientation and the movement of de-trapped space charge (SC). We have proposed a variant of the TSDC method, namely the final thermally stimulated discharge current (FTSDC) technique. flee experimental conditions can be selected so that the FTSDC is mainly determined by the SC de-trapping. The temperatures of the maximum intensity of the fractional polarization peaks obtained at low temperature, in the range of the local (secondary) relaxation, are in general about 10 to 20 K above the poling temperature. Measurements of the FTSDC in a wide temperature range demonstrate the existence of an apparent peak at a temperature T-ma shifted with about 10 to 30 K above the charging temperature T-c. The shift of T-ma with respect to T-c depends on the experimental conditions. The peak width at the half maximum intensity decreases as T-c increases and the thermal apparent activation energy increases. The variations are not monotonous revealing the temperature range where the molecular motion is stronger and consequently the charge trapping and de-trapping processes are affected. Our results demonstrate that there is a strong similarity between the elementary peaks obtained by the two methods, and the current is mainly determined by SC de-trapping. Even the best elementary peaks are not fitted very well by the analytical equation, indicating that the hypothesis behind this equation have to be reconsidered.


Neagu, R. M. Neagu, E. R. Lanca, M. Carmo Marat-Mendes, J. N. 13th Conference of the Sociedade-Portuguesa-de-Materiais/4th International Materials Symposium APR 01-04, 2007 Oporto, PORTUGAL

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