Dielectric properties of electrically aged low density polyethylene

Lanca, M. C., C. J. Dias, D. K. Dasgupta, and J. Marat-Mendes, "Dielectric properties of electrically aged low density polyethylene", Advanced Materials Forum I, vol. 230-2, pp. 396-399, 2002.


Low density polyethylene (LDPE) films kept in a sodium chloride aqueous solution, were aged under a high AC electrical field. The films were prepared from press moulding of LDPE pellets with small amounts of antioxidants. The dielectric spectra at 30 degreesC in the range of 10(-5) Hz to 105 Hz were obtained prior and after ageing. Three different experimental techniques were used to obtain the full spectrum. For the low frequency (LF) region (10(-5) Hz to 10(-1) Hz) the time domain technique was used (charge and discharge currents were also measured). The measuring device used for the 10(-1) Hz to 10(1) Hz medium frequency (MF) region was a lock-in amplifier. While for the high frequency (HF), 10(-1) Hz to 10(5) Hz, RLC bridge measurements were performed. Differences can be seen between aged and unaged PE. The region showing less changes with ageing is the MF region where the peak of the unaged samples seems to become less defined with ageing time. This peak is probably due to additives and impurities (such as antioxidants) that will tend to slowly diffuse out with time. The LF peak is a broad peak related to localised space charge injection driven by the electric field. This peak increases in an earlier stage of ageing decreasing afterwards possibly when the polymer becomes more conductive. Finally the HF shows the beginning of a peak due to gamma and beta transitions. The later is related to dipolar rotation of carbonyl groups in amorphous polymer regions, while the former is associated to crankshaft motions in the main polymer chain. This peak decreases with ageing disappearing for the most aged samples. This could also be explained if the sample becomes more conductive.


1st International Materials Symposium (Materials 2001) APR 09-11, 2001 COIMBRA, PORTUGAL

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