Research Group

The Molecular Biophysics Laboratory is located in the Department of Chemistry of FCT/UNL (rooms 4.25 and 1.35) and is setup to respond to scientific and experimental needs of our research. Facilities available include:

- Recombinant DNA (cloning, expressing and mutagenesis);
- Cell cultures growth;
- Protein purification and basic biochemical characterization;
- Optical spectroscopies;
- Electron Paramagnetic Spectroscopy;
- Mössbauer Spectroscopy;
- Rapid Kinetics (Stopped-flow and Rapid Freeze-Quench);
- Electrochemical techniques applied to biological systems, namely classic bulk and immobilized systems cyclic voltammetry and fast pulse techniques, rotating disc and ring-disk voltammetry (RDE and RRDE), spectroelectrochemistry, electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) and microeletrodes (suitable for resistive media).