Name:  Miguel Amado

Nationality: Portuguese

Year of birth: 1959

Institutional Address: DeCivil IST Avª Rovisco Pais, 1, 1049-001 LISBOA, Portugal

Telephone: 351 917 260 060

Occupational field: Professor and Researcher in Architecture, Territory, Urban Planning and Sustainability


The research program will focus on the Incremental Housing as a tool to Sustainable Habitat; Parametric Elements to Adaptive Housing and Regeneration of Informal Settlements, Renewal Energies in Cities and Architecture. His previous work cover Sustainable Urbanism and Energy Efficience in buildings.

Education and Qualification:

2015 - Habilitation in Architecture at Instituto Superior Tecnico of Universidade de Lisboa

Class: "City Idea"

2004 - PhD in Environmental Sciences at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Thesis: “Sustainable Urban Planning Methodological Process”.

1997 - MsC in Enginnering Sciences - FCT UNL

Thesis: “ Sustainable Planning of Touristic Sector – The Central Coast of Portugal Area”

1996 - MsC in Rehabilitation of Urban Centers - UNESCO

Thesis: “Rehabilitation of Barreiro urban center – A practical approach” 

1989 - Degree in Architecture - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa


Associat Professor with Habilitation at DECivil - Civil Enginnering, Architecture and Georesources of Instituto Superior Tecnico of Universidade de Lisboa 

Responsable for the GEOTPU.LABLaboratory of Arquitecture, Territory and Urban Planning Studies

Research Center member: CERIS - Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability