Assistant Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT), New University of Lisbon, lecturing Structural Geology, Geological mapping, and Geology of Portugal, Geologia, Remote detection and methods of radiometric U-Pb geochronology.

The specialization domain is “Internal Geodynamic Geology and tectonics”, and present research interests include Isotopic and geochronological studies to unravel the geological history of metamorphic terranes, to decipher and reconstruct the Paleogeography of old terranes, to constrain the timing of burial/exhumation and constrain the timing of ore formation. In past years, developed multivariate skills in shear zones such as mapping, tectonostratigraphy, magmatism, WR-geochemistry, structural analysis of metamorphosed tectonites, genesis/geometry of gold deposits, and 4D- Geology Modelling.