J. Xavier holds the position of Associate Professor (Professor Associado) at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DEMI) at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the NEW University of Lisbon (FCT NOVA). J. Xavier hold a former position as an Invited Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar Convidado, em regime de tempo integral) at the Engineering Department of the School of Science and Technology (ECT) at UTAD, teaching in the Mechanical Engineering section. Since his graduation in Mechanical Engineering, he had already started teaching as invited lecturer, namely by accumulating activities during MSc, PhD and post-doc (Ciência2018 FCT program) research formations. In the meanwhile, as general duties and responsibilities in academia, he has been gaining experience in academic service and pointed, more recently, as vice-director of the M.Sc. course on Mechanical Engineering, ECT, UTAD (academic year 2018/19). J. Xavier is an integrated researcher member at the Unidade de Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Engenharia Mecânica e Industrial (UNIDEMI). He is collaborating with other external institutions namely LAETA/INEGI/UP, CITAB/UTAD and ISISI/University of Minho. Since obtaining the PhD degree, J. Xavier has participated, as a researcher, in 10 projects with industry and 6 projects funded by national government agencies (e.g. FCT, Portugal2020, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad). Until Sep. 2018. J. Xavier has published 66 papers in international peer-reviewed journals with an accumulated h-factor of 20(16) and with over 1072(782) total(independent) citations. Among them, 60 of the 66 were published independently from the PhD supervisor and 16 were published as a senior (corresponding) author. Shorting the articles, 58 papers were published in top specialty peer-reviewed journals (quartile in category Q1/Q2). J. Xavier has published 4 book chapters and contributed with 1 didactic publications, among other (non published) academic resources for students. J. Xavier completed the (co-)supervision of 2 PhD and 23 MSc students (2nd cycle). He is currently involved in the (co-)supervision of 2 PhD and 17 MSc students. He has been invited as member of juries of PhD and MSc thesis both in Portugal and in Europe (France, Spain, Italy). He has also been invited to international visits in the framework of research and projects. He is also a regular reviewer of international and national peer-reviewed journals. J. Xavier has been collaborating as membership of scientific, organizing committees and courses. He has been invited as chairman in section at different international and national conferences as well as figuring in scientific and organization committees. Moreover, he has been participating in COST Actions dealing with the wood, timber, wood-based products and X-ray computed tomography. Furthermore, efforts in transfer of technology from the research promoted or in which he has been involved were actively engaged.