Graphical Querying of Model-Driven Spreadsheets

Graphical Querying of Model-Driven Spreadsheets, Cunha, Jácome, Fernandes João Paulo, Pereira Rui, and Saraiva João , Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information and Knowledge Design and Evaluation, Volume 8521, p.419–430, (2014)


This paper presents a graphical interface to query model-driven spreadsheets, based on experience with previous work and empirical studies in querying systems, to simplify query construction for typical end-users with little to no knowledge of SQL. We briefly show our previous text based model-driven querying system. Afterwards, we detail our graphical model-driven querying interface, explaining each part of the interface and showing an example. To validate our work, we executed an empirical study, comparing our graphical querying approach to an alternative querying tool, which produced positive results.



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