Querying EL+ with Nonmonotonic Rules

Knorr, Matthias. "Querying EL+ with Nonmonotonic Rules." ECAI 2010 - 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. IOS Press, 2010. 1079-1080.


A general top-down algorithmization for the Well-Founded MKNF Semantics - a semantics for combining rules and
ontologies - was recently defined based on an extension of SLG resolution for Logic Programming with an abstract oracle to the parametric ontology language. Here we provide a concrete oracle with practical usage, namely for EL+ which is tractable for reasoning tasks like subsumption. We show that the defined oracle remains tractable
(wrt. data complexity) so that the combined (query-driven) approach of non-monotonic rules with that oracle is tractable as well.



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