Declarative Semantics for the Rule Interchange Format Production Rule Dialect

Damásio, Carlos Viegas, João Leite, and José Júlio Alferes. "Declarative Semantics for the Rule Interchange Format Production Rule Dialect." The Semantic Web - ISWC 2010 - 9th International Semantic Web Conference. Springer, 2010. 798-813.


TheRuleInterchangeFormatProductionRuleDialect(RIF- PRD) is a W3C Recommendation to define production rules for the Semantic Web, whose semantics is defined operationally via labeled ter- minal transition systems.
In this paper, we introduce a declarative logical characterization of the full default semantics of RIF-PRD based on Answer Set Programming (ASP), including matching, conflict resolution and acting.
Our proposal to the semantics of RIF-PRD enjoys several features. Being based on ASP, it enables a straightforward integration with Logic Programming rule based technology, namely for reasoning and acting with ontologies. Then, its full declarative logical character facilitates the in- vestigation of formal properties of RIF-PRD itself. Furthermore, it turns out that our characterization based on ASP is flexible enough so that new conflict resolution semantics for RIF-PRD can easily be defined and encoded. Finally, it immediately serves as the declarative specification of an implementation, whose prototype we developed.



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