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Guimarães, JL, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, I. Ferreira, M. Santos, and N. Carvalho. "Use of μ-Si: H Wide Band Gap N-and P-Type Materials for Producing Solar Cells by a TCDDC System." MRS Proceedings. 118.1 (1988). Abstract
Gonçalves, C., J. Ferreira, E. Fortunato, I. Ferreira, R. Martins, AP Marvão, JI Martins, T. Harder, and R. Oppelt. "New metallurgical systems for electronic soldering applications." Sensors and Actuators A: Physical. 74.1 (1999): 70-76. Abstract
Gaspar, D., AC Pimentel, T. Mateus, JP Leitão, J. Soares, BP Falcão, A. Araújo, A. Vicente, SA Filonovich, and H. Aguas. "Influence of the layer thickness in plasmonic gold nanoparticles produced by thermal evaporation." Scientific reports. 3 (2013). Abstract