Supply Chain Management: Design For Resilient Systems

Carvalho, H., V. Cruz-Machado, V. H. Machado, A. P. Barroso, and S. G. Azevedo. "Supply Chain Management: Design For Resilient Systems." In Actas das Conferências "Engenharias'07"- Inovação & Desenvolvimento, 256-261. Vol. I. Covilhã, Portugal: Universidade da Covilhã, 2007.

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In this paper, a research project intituled {“Supply} chain management: design for resilient systems” is presented. The project aim is to develop a Management Support System prototype to help managers to react quickly and efficiently to the effects of disruptions that can occur in supply chain. The research project is presented; including the current state of the art in Supply Chain disruptions, the research project objectives and main tasks. Preliminary research findings are presented and discussed.